La Palma Vacant, Real Estate Agency.

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Experts in real estate at La Palma, Canary Islands.

L.P.V. broking activities, your real estate broker on La Palma,

helps you safely buy a property on La Palma.

Our expert and experienced professionals will support you throughout

the entire process.

From the orientation to the final transfer of the property, we are objective and reliable. We have a thorough knowledge of the island,

its residents, the rules and procedures regarding real estate.
We will guide you through this entire process, and we will always provide an explanation in English regarding all relevant aspects. Our good contacts with the government institutions allow all procedures to be handled smoothly .

In case of complicated contract negotiations, we can also assist you with our expertise.

We will ensure that you are fully aware of all the details prior to buying the properties. If we feel that the selling party is withholding information,

we will immediately let you know. We will only advise you to buy if we, too,

have complete confidence in the transaction.

This prevents any disappointments and unexpected costs after the deal.

We also often operate as a real estate purchasing agent, which does not involve

any extra costs for you as a client. Contact us for more details.


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La Palma

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Our experts are always fully informed about the latest developments in the expertise of case law, and we can handle the purchase for you as an independent third party. You will be given information about the current situation with regard to the plot of land, the buildings built on it, including a realistic quotation for our services.

And, if we – as a serious broker – have no confidence in a possible acquisition,

we will advise you not to invest in the property! Because what we want most are satisfied clients.


Furthermore L.P.V. offers you the service of arranging the complete package for you which includes a holiday house / rental car in case of a possible viewing. In case of a successful purchase, the rental costs will be refunded to you.

Therefore, all you have to do is buy the plane ticket, the rest will be handled by us. 


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